Paul Broughton on ‘Cilla’ and Industry Links

Paul Broughton, Acting Tutor at The Arden, part of LTE group , has recently been playing Cilla White’s dad, John, in the new stage show about her life, Cilla The Musical.

The show started with a run at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre, and I was able to get 50 of our past and present students along for one of our dress rehearsals.

It’s so important for us to expose our students to the industries they hope to build careers in, which is why I recently used my links to the stage to give our theatrical students an insight into preparing a professional theatre show.

It was great for them to see what goes into getting a show like this ready for opening and gave them an idea of the demands that directors of this calibre have for their productions.

What I love about The Arden and the LTE Group is that we’re encouraged to actively maintain our links to the industry, and that helps us shape what we offer our students.

For example, when I started out there was no such thing as electronic casting, but now it’s a major part of the industry and many initial casting calls are evaluated through videos that are shot at home and submitted.

Because of this evolution, it’s something we’ve integrated into our modules and it sets our students up perfectly for entry into the profession.

My work with the industry means I also have some useful contacts. The students who came to watch Cilla the Musical got the chance to meet Bill Kenwright, the legendary theatre producer. As someone from the north west who fought very hard to get to where he is in his profession, he’s a real inspiration for our students.