Getting the most out of your drama school audition

We are entering the busiest phase of the audition period where students across the country will be attending drama school auditions. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your audition.

Be on time!

You will be expected to put this into practice from the word go. Lateness is frowned upon in the industry and this does not set a good impression – research your route to ensure that you leave with plenty of time. Of course the unexpected can happen, so it is important to phone ahead if you know you are ultimately going to be late.

Choose your pieces wisely

Whilst it shouldn’t matter which piece you choose ( as long as you deliver it to your full potential),  it is useful to research pieces that are not ‘over-done’. Find a piece that really suits you and that you can identify with.

Research your pieces

It is important to research any pieces you perform as best as possible. You should know the backstory to your character and the context of the play or song you sing as you may be asked about it (this means reading the whole play and having a very good understanding of the play/musical and the context it was performed in). If you have been given a script to learn you should know it off heart. Bring your own opinions into the pieces you choose or pieces you have been given; you may be asked about them.

Seek advice

Whether it’s rehearsing with your drama teacher, a singing teacher or a teacher whose opinion you respect seek as much feedback as possible. If you are singing it is vital that you run your song with a pianist and that your music is prepared properly (taped together accordion fashion is fine). Not having ran your music with an accompanist can lead to things going wrong.

Practice, practice, practice!

Prepare your pieces so that you know them inside out, practise them under pressure situations such as with friends and family; you will be nervous on the day and need to take this into consideration. Thorough practise will hopefully lead to less nerves and a confident delivery.

Be positive

We’re looking for students we think we can help develop and shape their progress – it’s important you show that you are a positive person with a can-do attitude. Take direction gracefully and don’t be afraid to take risks in any workshop environment. Remember we are looking for potential, not the finished article.