Interview and Portfolio


This course is aimed at students who wish to work behind the scenes in theatre, learning your trade in sound, lighting, and scenic construction, as well as production and stage management.

The application process for this course will be in two parts:

Digital Portfolio


On application through UCAS you will be sent specific details of where to send your portfolio and an interview date.

Portfolio Explained:

In order for us to assess your suitability for the course we would like you to provide a digital portfolio of your past projects.

A portfolio is a focused document of your past work. This can be from college, a hobby or anywhere that you have used your technical theatre and production skills in the past. The portfolio could be visual, audio or audio-visual and will demonstrate your skills and experiences in live performance, theatre, recording studio or any other relevant performance environments. Your portfolio should demonstrate your passion for technical theatre and production.

We do not need you to detail everything you have done in the past but should showcase your best work that you feel show off your ability. We would expect to see at least five different projects you have worked on.

Examples of portfolio content might include but is not limited to the following:

* Photographs, drawings, sketchbooks, etc., which illustrate your process, visual awareness and practical ability

* Production notes, photographs of productions and/or production programmes that you have been involved in

* Technical drawings of your plans

* Props lists, setting lists, prompt copies, cue sheets, schedules or any other paperwork that you have produced, or have been given, that has helped you to organise your tasks

* Sound recordings

* Other ‘off-the-wall’ items that you think relate to your specialist interest.

Ways to present your portfolio:

* PDF Document

* PowerPoint (or equivalent) – you can embed video/audio

* Video files

* Audio files